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Frequently Asked Us Your Questions

We are always ready to answers your all kind of Service related questions. Just frequently asked us your Questions about our best Clipping Path Service. Here below some essential questions and Answers for you.

Yes, of course. Being a customer you are entirely entitled to measure and assess the quality of our services before actually commissioning us to do the same. This is especially true in case you happen to have a large consignment or order, and you want to test our skills and expertise before assigning ourselves with the work in question.

Applying for test work is quite easy. You just need to open an account on our website, which takes about a couple of minutes in total, and one can consequently sign up with the aid of free trial form available on the website.

Generally speaking, photo and image editing service might be required for a variety of different purposes. We tend to take it upon ourselves to understand the context in relation to the use and application of a particular consignment or order for work in order to better optimize and leverage the application in accordance with your respective application or utility.

It is almost a given that we prioritize the safety and security of the photos and images that you might send us in light of the fact that they are your property first and foremost. As such, our DTP professionals and other personnel have signed a tightly bound non-disclosure agreement that bars the propagation of any kind of orders outside of our own domain. Moreover, as soon as the work will be accomplished and forwarded unto yourself, any or all pictures and images would be removed on our part.

Being professionals, we tend to accept image files in any formats that anyone might suppose in this specific regard. As such, you need to keep in mind that we possess the infrastructure that intrinsically help us in working with a long list of image and picture formats. AI, EPS, TFF, BMP, PDF, JPG, GIF, WMF are some of the more prominent file formats that are supported on our part. Additionally, we tend to return the accomplished task or work in the same format that you might choose to send us in the first place.

Being an offshore and outsource based operational center, our working hours encompass 24 hours a day on a rounded weekly basis. This generally signifies that we are open for work at any time that you wish us to do the same.

Generally, providing money back guarantee can be one of the most dangerous paths to follow for any business. If there is a major fault or drawback with the work at hand on our part, the money would be returned after due consideration. However, we do tend to have a great contingency plan for your own benefit. For more information, see plan.

If the fault or mistake is attributed to the misinformation or lack thereof on the client side of the business at hand, we normally tend to charge for re-work on an hourly basis. That is the exact reason why it is advisable to keep the facts and information straight and accurate when you contact us with the work that is required to be accomplished.

On the other hand, if the fault would lie in the misinterpretation or any of the condition that might be attributed as an inherent fault on our behalf, we would be remiss as a business venture to charge anything other than what might be referred to as the “base charge”.

Whatever might pertain with regards to the agreed upon turnaround time in connection to any instance of a particular assignment of work, payment would be done only after the work has been completed and delivered unto you. After that, we prepare the invoice and send it to you so that you might make the payment in whatever format or service you prefer.

We generally take payments through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Bank transfer and other standardized and legitimate payment methods.

Turnaround time generally is concerned with the amount and complexity of the work that you might assign us at any particular instance. Generally speaking, we tend to analyze and measure the amount of time at the very beginning. Determination would be done with regards to our very own team, and would consider all the factors that would be required to successfully accomplish the task, and only after that we would revert back to you with the designated turnaround time that might be suitable for you own regard.

Yes, we do tend to accept work on a monthly basis, and, as such, the payment scheme would follow suit. The other details related to the payment system, however, would remain the same.

In order to fully facilitate the transfer of images over the digital platform, we are motivated to establish FTP accounts for clients whose work consignment exceeds the data size of 64 Mb. As such, you might be rest assured that a secured and extremely safe FTP account might be set up for each respective customer, and the images that would be transferred in each of these cases would be safe and secure under all possible circumstances.

Upon our very website one may upload images or data with regards to a middling size for all intents and purposes. In order to send data of large volume and size, the users might ask for an FTP account that might inherently support the full transfer and handling of data in large volumes without any possible losses.

Under no condition shall any of your images would be used on our behalf except for the task that you have assigned us in the very first place. By this extension, you should know that as soon as the work and relationship between ourselves, the images would be duly removed from our active systems out of the reach of any workers and professionals. We even possess non-disclosure agreements in this regard on behalf of our entire workforce.

Yes, You can. Talk with us willingly for your best price. We will try  to providing you best price for each service.

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