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The website has following terms of use directed towards the users:
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  • If someone is requesting a project on behalf of other organization or business, he/she will be the warrantor of the said business or organization.
  • During placing of an order, the client is required to go through the terms and conditions fully. The customer is not allowed to produce any text, design or image from third-party. While placing an order, it is necessary for the user to have all permission, right and authority on the order. After ordering, the user hands over the authorization of the order to com.
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Copyright notice

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What the website collects:

The website may collect the following information for ensuring a smoother experience of the site:
  • The name of the user
  • Country and address and the location from where the website is accessed.
  • Any information mentioned in the surveys.
What do we do with the collected data?

We collect the information for
  • Informing the user about promotional offers, discounts and seasonal offers.
  • Contacting regarding the order
  • Participating in a market research purpose
  • Ensuring a smoother and seamless website experience.
Privacy policy

The privacy policy for applies here, too. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website, you are agreeing to its privacy policy also.

Accounts, passwords and security

The use of features may need an active account. By agreeing to open an account, you are being responsible for it. Any security breach on the account or anything suspicious should be immediately reported to

Free trials

We offer a free trial for two images for our new corporate clients. To avail the free trial, one email should be sent from official company domain. One needs to register on the website to avail the free trial offer. can refuse and cancel any trial offer.


The clients are required to pay a certain amount before the work starts. After completion of the projects, the clients are required to pay the full amount within 3 days.


Refund Policy ensured the highest quality while delivering the projects. However, if you are not satisfied with the project, you can request a refund. The refund will be paid within 60 days of the project completion.

Quality Guarantee

We ensure the highest quality and if the client is not satisfied, we are ready to make corrections. However, any mistake due to communication problem will not be entertained.

Use of the image

The images provided for the project purpose can be shown in the website as samples without the owner’s permission. The client can choose not to display their pictures. In that case they are requested to contact the website. Send an email just-

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This website uses cookies to ensure a smoother experience. Any information from the client’s hard disk will not be stored or circulated. They will be used for statistical analysis strictly.

We use cookies to gather information about our visitors’ preferences and also to remember them for future purpose. Cookies are generally used in order to analyze the traffic a website receives and it also helps by allowing a website to correctly respond to its visitor. With the aid of cookies, our website or web application tailors its way of conducting operations as per your needs or demands as well as your likes and dislikes, that is, it marks and highlights your preferences.

We employ cookies to analyze the number of traffic on web page as well as in the improvement of our website. Cookies also help us in organising our website and making it better by providing us with monitoring of your preferences of web pages.

It is duly informed that we do not store any data received and all of it is always deleted after the fulfilment of our analysis of statistical data. We feel obliged to acknowledge that we do not gain access to your personal information or to your computer, except the data you accept to share with us.

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Website disclaimer 

Our website holds only general information and we strive to keep the information we provide up-to-date and correct. However, we do not provide any kind of warranty or representations whatsoever, for both expression and implication, over the completeness, preciseness, reliability, and availability regarding the information, products, services, and graphics placed on this website. In no circumstances will we accept being held responsible for any sort of damage or loss of data. You shall be at your own risk if you consider relying on any such information that may cause you the aforementioned issue of damage or loss of data or personal information. We strive to run our website in a smooth and restricted manner with the offer of utmost security; yet we will not be liable for any kind of technical anomalies or error or temporarily unavailability of our website because the technical issues would be beyond our hand’s reach.

The information provided on the is for general uses only. While we are trying our best to keep this information correct and up-to-date, any mistake will not be liability of us. The users are requested to use the information on their own risk.